How to Cite Your Research Paper

Writing research papers is very crucial. It is open to interpretation, and your paper’s credibility depends on the citations you include. Citing your research paper is very important since it shows your understanding of the given topic and your deep knowledge of the subject. It also points out the points that your audience can use to understand your arguments. Failing to cite your research paper will show you as an incompetent student who does not value the citation of research papers.

How to Determine the Right Structure to Use

A good structure should be simple, clear, and compact. Your research should flow from one paragraph to the other, thus easing the reader’s understanding. Generally, all citations should start from the title page, with the exception of those specific to your instructor. The following are steps to follow when choosing the structure to use.

  • Have a good essay outline

An outline is essential in writing your research paper since it ensures that you cover all the areas you need to. Your template will help you during the writing process, and your tutor will appreciate that you carried out research before writing.

  • Decide on the wording and tone to use

Every research paper has a particular target audience, and the writing style should powerpoint presentation writers fit in this group. Choose a wording that is understandable and brief to attract the reader’s attention. Avoid long sentences, jargon, and banal phrases since you are not sure that your audience will understand them.

  • Cite all your sources

All your sources should be cited, whether published or unpublished. Citing your sources is a formal way of acknowledging that you have research papers that need to be cited. Most sources will need to be referenced using a standard format, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago.

How to cite your sources

APA is a citation style that mostly uses full sentences, while MLA mainly uses partial sentences. Harvard and Chicago citation also add an additional column, while APA and Chicago citations use brackets/parentheses after the last name.

Getting the Format Right

There are various formats that you can use to cite your research paper. The one to use depends on your lecturer, the field of the research, and the sources you have used. While using these formats, always remember to add quotation marks and keep the citation within a single sentence.

Instructions and Guidelines

When using the different formats, always remember to follow the instructions given. The protocols might be different in your university, faculty, or even field of study. Guidelines are also to be followed to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.

Do not forget to write the reference page

When using any format, the reference page has to be added. It should be a part of the content, and it should be numbered consecutively from the top. The page should have a title containing the researcher’s name and a short subtitle containing details about the research paper. The page should also have details of the course name and the dates used in the research paper, just as stated by your lecturer.

Writing a great research paper is not complicated as long as you know the required format to use and the details to include in the reference page. Always cite your sources right and adhere to the guidelines, especially if you are writing for a public platform.

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