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What are sensible topics for any PowerPoint presentation

Problems elevated for that reason focus on the shifting part of the main actors. In this kind of a shift, significant e-commerce platforms could likely purchase a dominant placement throughout production, gross sales, and intake, whilst full- salers, modest producers, dealers, and logistic operators could vanish.

The coauthors also commented on the likely role of Blockchain3 technologies in raising protection and trust, hence contributing to offer chain consolidation. At the exact time, freight transportation charges could also be pushed up as a consequence of the lessened variety of out there selections. In addressing the fourth cross-reducing impression place of Situation one, security and security, Lenz and Papandreou remarked that the early implementation of automation may possibly elevate security troubles and as a result lead to resistance in opposition to freight automation.

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Questions crop up worry- ing the dependability of automation application in offering safer operations for each the driving and the loading/ unloading of merchandise. In addition, these fears commonly relevant extra to whether automation would limit the con- trol abilities of authorities and law enforcement on the character of transported loads, their legitimacy, and the stability of the merchandise.

Lenz and Papandreou introduced State of affairs 2: Vehicle- mated Road Freight Restrained by Policy. In this circumstance, highway automation is severely controlled, notably through Four cross-reducing affect regions Freight and people today included Stakeholders job and perspective Areas where people today stay, operate, and perform Journey actions F ou r ex pl or at or topics for ppt presentation for engineering students y to pi cs Financial system and workforce Equity Information obtain and privacy Security and protection Figure 5 Conversation of four exploratory subjects and four cross-slicing effect places. rn.

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S O C I O E C O N O M I C I M P A C T S O F A U T O M A T E D A N D C O N N E C T E D V E H I C L E S an obligation for minimal-emissions powertrains, when auto- mation of rail and waterways is strengthened. New organization versions for twin use (freight/passenger) emerge, and the total constructive results on protection and environment con- tribute to produce large community acceptance. The coauthors reviewed the implications of Sce- nario 2 on economics and the workforce. They observed that the consequences of automation on regional economies are mainly unsure for both equally the deployment of the circu- lar economy and also the tension that automation may possibly exert in restraining trade and forcing the choice of urban areas for regionally made, developed, or designed prod- ucts and shipping methods. In this state of affairs, regulation is in place to aid the labor transition, allowing it sufficient time.

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This regulation may perhaps, nonetheless, meet up with resis- tance from corporations, states, towns, and citizens in accepting a gradual rate that hinders the deployment of new busi- nesses and transport devices. As in State of affairs 1, appro- priate schooling and (re)education wants ought to be quickly appraised and short- to medium-expression possibilities to speedy task losses identified. In addressing the equity impacts of Circumstance two, Lenz and Papandreou mentioned that diminished transportation fees would very likely guide to an raise in purchasing electricity across income ranges, therefore such as lower and center courses, with not known results on residence con- sumption and, subsequently, on generation and trade of buyer goods.


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