How to Structure a Capstone Paper Project Nursing

A capstone project nursing is a research paper written by nursing students and presented at the end of their studies. It aims at testing the students’ nursing knowledge and ability. A capstone project nursing is divided into four sections where each paragraph carries a single idea. This article will help you in organizing your paper and discuss each section’s purpose.

Cover Page

A cover page is a brief introduction to your paper. The cover page should consist of the authors’ names, the nursing program you are taking or another institution’s name, the date of submission, and your admission number. Some institutions have a form you must fill in to submit your details.

The Introduction

The introduction is an essential part of any paper. Its primary function is to attract the readers’ attention and provide some background information regarding the topic you are discussing. It helps the readers to form an opinion of the paper and understands the main issues of discussion. In the introduction, you are expected to give your thesis statement, which is the main argument of your paper.


The body discusses the main points and issues raised in the thesis statement. Each paragraph discusses a single idea. The topic has to be precise and help the reader understand the main issues discussed in the paper. The section should have an introduction, then main body, and a conclusion. The discussion should be based on the document’s facts and should include examples, graphs, tables, images, and citations.


The findings are the last part of your capstone project nursing. They are based on the information and facts you have gathered during your research. The information should relate to the main issues and help the reader understand the study research paper outline mla more. The most important aspect of this part is analyzing the results of the study. Show the findings of your research and provide some recommendations.


The conclusion is a summary of your findings and a call to action. The main points discussed in the paper should be discussed in this section. It should help the reader understand why the research matters and the recommendations to be used in future. Some institutions provide a form to ask for feedback after the paper is done.

An Abstract

This is the last part of your capstone project nursing. It gives an overview of the paper and briefly discusses the key findings. It ends with a prompt for the reader, asking them to read the paper and giving their comments on the main points raised in the piece. The main aim of an abstract is to convince the reader about the importance of the study.

Writing a capstone project nursing is not as hard as many people think. This article’s main goal is to help you know what is expected in a capstone project and some tricks to help you organize your work to ensure you have all the information before you start writing your paper.

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